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" Only one moment with you "
                                                           " A special poem for my baby "

 It"s a new year ,
   It"s a new day ,
               I wish i could fly ,
               I believe in your eyeas ,
               Cuz you"re everything i want 
               Cuz i love you so much,
               And love is all we need . 
I know everything it"s gonna we alright 
I know my dreams come true 
You"re so special ,
You"re the one for me 
I need you
I love you
I want to be with you 
For the rest of my life.
All i know is true
I believe in you,
All i do ,
It"s to make you ,
Feel the passion.
Life is good,
Life is cruel,
Life is beautiful 
But more beautiful is your heart.
Every moment with you is special,
Each day is wonderful,
The sky is blue
And our love is a beautiful color.
Something that makes me feel like a star,
When I"m with you everything is better
I just want to be with you forever 
We were meant to be together
You"re the one who can 
Love me better...
So let the people talk about us,
So let the sun to rise ,
So give me reasons to be there 
Tell me : Do you wish to be here with me forever ? 
I love to live my life 
Cuz I know
Everything it"s gonna be alright 
Only love is the answer.
So ? Tell me ....
What do you feel for me ?
Cuz I love you so much and I will always feel the same for you.

( I will like to could scream very hard to the sky how much i love you and to thank God because he give me an angel and that angel is you ! ) . 


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